You feel too young, too unconventional, too uneducated, too underdressed or too impatient for opera? Doesn’t matter! »Alphabet« is the new introductory programme of the »Nationaltheater Mannheim« for opera beginners – no more excuses in the future!

  • Alphabet is a new approach to opera.
  • Alphabet is music and party in the upper foyer of the opera house.
  • Alphabet is music, theatre and musical theatre.
  • Alphabet is multicultural.
  • Alphabet is participation in art projects.
  • Alphabet is a multilingual, interactive blog.

The »Alphabet Blog« provides an overview over all performances and projects taking place as part of the new »Alphabet Programme«. Here you’ll find up to date information, announcements, recommendations, thoughts, reflections, commentaries, photographs and videos documenting our events. And in summer 2018 this blog will be converted into the official festival webpage of »Mannheimer Sommer«.



  • Check out the cultural log book of our english-speaking guest author Daniel Farrimond. He’s new in town and will have a fresh approach to the city and its culture.
  • As part of the »Alphabet Programme« we provide foreign language surtitles for selected opera performances